Jul 27, 2013

Paper and Pens....

Do you still write letters? I think at some point in the future,it could become a " thing " of the past! I myself love sending and receiving handwritten letters. I have a few pen pals that I exchange letters and postcards with. Its always a pleasure going to the mailbox and finding a letter from a special friend, or some other acquaintance . There have been times when I may not have been having a very good day,but my day would seem much brighter after receiving a cheerful letter,or an encouraging greeting card in the mail.

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Choosing pretty stationary is always fun too!

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And sometimes, fun stickers.

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Of course,you will need a writing pen....

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Or maybe, you prefer a good sharp pencil.

If shopping around you can find some wonderful stationary boxes to choose from too,but I like being created and making one of my own. You may want to make your own little writing nook somewhere in your home,with all your things needed... brought together and handy.

This is my friend Becky's sweet little writing nook. I think its wonderful!

So have I encourage you to write someone a letter ?  Try it,you may just get hook  :)


Denise said...

Oh yes!Thank You for the reminder and if You would like one more here I am :) just let Me know at......knuckled54@yahoo.com Love Denise

Teri said...

Dear Shelley...I do love writing notes and letters. I especially like pretty note cards and stationery. It is such a sweet pleasure to have a note or letter from someone special in our mailbox. I love your friends writing nook! Sweetest blessings for your weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

Terra said...

Shelley, I am with you, I like to write and receive letters and notes, and to choose stationery and cards, and also the cute stickers. Sometimes I enclose a sheet of stickers.
Write on!

Joyce Mayer said...

Food for thought. Excellent.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Shelly, I love to write and receive letters. However, I must admit , I am very slack on doing it. The "email" bug definitely has a hold on me.lol
I hope to do better though.. Hope your feeling better.
ps your friends writing desk area, is really nice.

Mrs. G said...

I do agree with you! There is nothing like walking down to the mailbox and finding a sweet letter from a dear friend. Unfortunately, all my friends don't write or send cards, anymore. A lost art, indeed! Love the writing nook. I have such a place. It is in front of two windows so I can look out on my roses and the birds.

If you would like another penpal, please email me at osagerose2649@yahoo.com

Grace & Peace,

Patty Sumner said...

I agree too, Shelley! Sending mail and receiving mail is getting to be a thing of the past...so sad. Your friends writing area looks so inviting. Have a great week. Blessings!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love dolls..so much. I have my favorites in the living room..right out there so folks can see them.