Jul 24, 2014

Pulling Weeds

From Pinterest

 Results of my last weeding session. Its not out of the house yet,but soon. If you are needing or wanting some advice as to what you should start with when weeding in your own home.....here is a good link from HGTV.
Oh,I did pull that globe out of the pile. Kinda like the colors in it! Since I'm doing a bit of retro in my cottage!

Cute cookie jars,but I just don't need them anymore. I need the space more. That elephant cookie jar made my friend Heidi very happy to be taking it home with her  :)

I cleaned my dresser in the bedroom Tuesday. It was looking like a " catch all " . I can't believe how much more relaxed it made me feel to have a clean organized space there. Don't know if these are normal feelings are some kind of feelings of anxiety being expressed, all I know is, it makes me feel better to clean a cluttered space in my home, and to weed what is not needed or wanted any longer.
Blessings on your week dear friends

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Faye Henry said...

Thanks, Shelley.. I sure could use a bit of weeding here ... xo

Valerie said...

Great Tips! Congrats on your weeding. It is always so hard for me to let some of my 'treasures' go...but I do love a clutter free environment. =) Love the little elephant cookie jar. Too cute!
Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Shelley... some very good 'weeding' there..
I have been a hoarder of pretty things for many years and I told myself that 'collecting' and displaying on shelves was a good thing... not clutter/hoarding.
I have been seriously weeding and decluttering for the last couple of years. I love the empty spaces I now have and I'm constantly looking for things to pass on or throw out.
Weeding is as addictive as collecting was..... but better for me and my home...
Hugs and Blessings...
Barb xx

janice15 said...

lol I have a ton of weeds in mama's house it might take me more than six months... have a wonderful day Shelley.. with love Janice

Mrs. G said...

OMGosh Shelley! I wish I was closer! I would so take those "weeds" off your hands! LoL...Because I don't have enough of my own, don't you know!

Grace & Peace.

Deb said...

I agree...clean, uncluttered spaces do help with anxiety and depression. You inspire me...I need to do more weeding here at my home too!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Um could I have that chair? It matches my back yard ones rust and all! Hee hee hee!
Well weeding is a good thing and you seem to have a good handle on it!
I need to get myself doing it (or so my husband says)
I know one thing; Dusting isn't so much fun so less is best....some day maybe! ;-D
Blessings and love, Linnie